Made in 144 hours for the Birthday Anniversary of Untitled Game Jam!

Game Engine: Unity2D

SFX: Bfxr

Music: Musecore 3 & FL Studio 12

Art: Aseprite

It's been quite a while since my last jam and I've been so busy with school and other stuff, I finally got to join a jam again! Although I'm pretty rusty, I'm pretty happy with what I have achieved in this jam : ) It's different from what I'm used to making, especially since the theme was the one I DID NOT want to be picked at all, but hey I learned something new at least!

SIDENOTE: This game was supposed to be bigger than it is :( I had to cut a lot of content because a certain tile bug took up most of my time that I spent 3 days to fix it alksdjsalkj

SIDESIDENOTE: This game was actually inspired by a game I played during my childhood :) It's called Kombat Fighters in Newgrounds, and I really liked the concept of having a strategy game in this form!

Developer: MaplePoki

Cover Art by : gabdraws_


There's this weird issue I think by the unity player is that if you click the help button in the menu, it would sometimes lag, or crash the game! Try opening the game again and see if it works again! If you run into any bugs again, please leave it in the comments thanks ;)


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Shiba 16 MB


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I honestly don't understand this game lol




Great art, really like the card-like design, and also loved the nes styled 8-bit music! Great job!


Thank you so much! The music side was so rushed, I spent so many hours during the last day to figure out how I should compose it! So after creating an out of place-ish menu music, I decided to use my NES assets and made a chiptune styled song for the battle music! Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed :)