edit: just got the game fixed for browser play, let me know if there are any bugs!

Music is free to download for those who want to keep the soundtrack:)

Made in less than 120 hours for Untitled Game Jam#24

WASD / Arrow Keys - Move

Space / Enter - Attack

Ctrl / Shift / Z - Dash

(Attack health pots to heal! you only have 5 HP :-)  )

Samuel the Brewmaster was supposed to have a cutscene pertaining to what is going on, I had some worldbuilding story set up, but I did not have enough time to cram all the art elements into the limited time i had !!

If you care about story: this is about Samuel, a man best known for his brewery as he is the best brewer in town. However, he is running low on a certain material that can only be found in a certain aquatic creature out in the wilds. Help him conquer this creature!

Made in Godot (my first Godot game!)

SFX from Bfxr

Music made with Musecore3 and FL Studio 12

Art made with Aseprite

A MaplePoki♣ Game

thanks for playing!

extra notes:

it was fun learning Godot while making this game! I had little to no experience, but I only had experience with unity, so I just applied all that I knew :) i also wish I had time to polish more on the types of enemies you can come across :( not gonna lie, I spent too much time trying to make those cliff tiles look so damn beautiful- i should've worked more on the enemies, but I got the boss fight to work exactly as I intended, so I hope you at least enjoy that :)


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bossbattle.ogg 3 MB


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This is an actually great game, but it's really diffucult for my gaming skills :P

Anyways,the music is great and the sound effects are also good but when i swing my sword(not when attackting the enemy just swinging) there is no sound effect.

And when you die the healthbar becomes completely black.

But this are minor issues,other than that it is really a fun game!

thank you for trying it out! I'm glad you think it was great :) and good to know it was difficult, I was worried whether or not I should increase the health of the boss >< the swinging animation sound effect I forgot to implement!! but thank you for pointing that out, I've been worrying about which sound effects have been implemented, and now you just brought to light what I forgot, thanks again!

for the healthbar, I've fixed it- it must have been an issue with the export! thank you for playing and finding it fun! :)