Made in less than 60 hours for Even Weekend Game Jam 9

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This game was soooo rushed, but I liked how it turned out! Repetitive but it's nice :0 

You're Peter, an engineer of the spaceship you're in, and it turns out the ship got an alien attack mid-jump, and now all of the crew members are dead for some reason and the captain is nowhere to be seen for some reason probably dead so maybe you should go take the helm and ride back home but there is a very inconvenient hindrance preventing you from doing so which are the fuseboxes that are deactivated which you have to turn on individually and there are seven(7) of them in order to get inside the captain's room

WASD / Arrow Keys to Move

Spacebar to Shoot

Left Shift to Run

Just touch the fuses to activate them!


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Parsec 22 MB


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Cool game. I noticed nobody has left a comment yet so I'll provide some of my constructive criticism. The gameplay is pretty clunky and repetitive which makes the game not fun to play. However, I think the art style is charming and the music is really cool. I understand the limitations of the game jam so can't really criticize that much. I will follow you for future games!

Thanks for the criticism, I really appreciate it! But just so you know, most of the comments are in the submission for Even Weekend Game Jam 9, idk most people preferred to comment on the actual submission itself instead of the game's page xD but yeah I completely agree with you on the gameplay!