Made in Godot!

Made for UGJ 3rd Birthday Bash and Jam in the span of 4 days! (or in total dev time <40 hours)

This game was inspired by a flash game I used to play called Siegius!

Eliphas is a master spatial arts magician who uses portals to fight enemies! He has learned how to open a portal to the afterlife to summon dead warriors against his enemies!  Use his power wisely!

Supposed to add archer type units and an extra trap ability, but I started late so I had no time!


A / D to move the camera

(Hold) Shift to move camera faster

Spacebar / Backspace to move camera to your base or the enemy's base

1 / 2 to select a unit

*NOTE: If you plan to play this in browser full screen, the 'esc' button can be substituted for pressing the  same slot again or number of the slot. Because pressing esc will leave the full screen so I bet that'd be annoying.

Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to @lylac for tirelessly testing this game for me for several nights!

All assets are mine, feel free to dm me at Ransupi♣#5358 in discord if you want to ask for details or copies of the assets!:)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsFantasy, Magic, portal, Real time strategy


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THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE! I loved every aspect, the music, the art, the simple gameplay, WELL DONE


I like this game, could keep me busy for a while. Well doen!

Glad it can feel engaging:) thank you for trying it out!


Fun game! Controls aren't confusing (atleast for me) and the mechanics are simple. Good work!!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!<3