Sound : 1

Music : 0.10

You are a golfer whose championships have been foiled by a person in the finalists, and you found out that person cheated! Being a violent person you are, you decided to take revenge and beat him up, along with his goons, and reveal his cheating!

Left-Click : Attack

Right-Click : Ranged Attack Ready, (left click to shoot, and you can't move)

Enemies get stunned by balls depending on their strength

WASD : Movement

Shift: Sprint


Music was made in Musecore with "NiceKeys-PlusSteinway" Soundfont

SFX made in bfxr

Art made in Piskel

and of course, made in Unity 2017<3


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Interesting idea to make an action game with golf theme! The graphics are kind of abstract but work well here. The playing is easy and works well too, funny game.

If you're interested, you could enter this game into our annual Game Development World Championship!


Very fun and enjoyable

Thank you for your feedback and time to play my game :D


Second everything JoleEh. The only glitch i had was the player would begin moving backwards after an attack sometimes and it took a while to get control back. I love the story too funny. Well done. 

Thanks for the kind feedback! This is my first game jam, I was worried people wouldn't like it hahahahaha

The glitch was probably done by ball projectiles I'm guessing. The player's movement should return to normal in about 1-3 seconds


Fun game. There were some glitches/bugs but i genuinely enjoyed it. If there is one thing i had to point out its that the movement was a bit off at times.

If the movement you're talking about is from the enemies, it was an actual bug that if they get hit by a ball, they suddenly start moving back and look fazed, but I kept the feature regardless, and it took me hours to find out why it's doing that T_T and it's because the enemy's velocity changes and stays that way till it hits a wall, so I made it reset the velocity back to 0 after 0.5-3 seconds of getting hit, same goes to the player

anyway, thanks for the feedback and your time to play this game!~